The Ruiz Houshold

The Ruiz Household, located in north Urbana, has a wonderful south-facing slope and was mainly a lawn when before Permaculture gardening started in 2003.

View the map of the site B.P. (Before Permaculture), circa 2002.
The 2003 planting:
In the backyard we planted butternuts, heartnuts, and carpatian walnut onthe southeast where there was already a neighboring presence of Black Walnut(Juglans nigra) which produces a toxic element known as Juglone. Therefore,we used a pattern which works in the presence of walnut family plants: amulberry and locust barrier. West of the grafted mulberry and Black Locusts,we planted pawpaws, a pear, brambles and grapes.

On the west side of the house we were aiming for a mock-fence or hedge pattern: grape trellis, rugosa rose, and two serviceberries.

In the front we planted an Beauty Plum, a pair of apples (Jonafree and Redfree), three Manchurian Apricots, and a peach. The Plum on the side of thedriveway was surrounded by Red Gooseberries.

In 2004 we added two asian pear to the now crowded back yard, as well assome arapaho blackberries, and a small patch of strawberries. To the east ofthe driveway we added a shiro plum for pollenation of the beauty plum planedin 2003, and a couple of currants were added from divisions in town.
The beauty plum produced beautiful flowers in 2004!
View the map of the site in 2005. This was the first year the site yielded asian pears, apples, and grapes. There were enough peaches to ferment a batch of melomel. Strawberries and raspberries too.