School for Designing a Society

The School for Designing a Society was a sister institution of the Urbana Permaculture Project.

The above building, once home to the School for Designing a Society, was razed in 2004. A Permaculture class was taught at this building. Here, if no where else, the project of designing ecosystems with Permaculture was subject to the language of designing society.

Tim and Brandy’s Permaculture Garden:

Permaculture arrived at the School For Designing A Society when Tim and Brandy started a garden there in the spring and summer of 2000. They terraced the south side — annual vegetables and perennial herbs erupted from the steppes, red clover lined the ridges.

The north side was tilled, fertilized with manure, and planted to vegetables, wheat, corn, and giant sunflowers. The outdoor stage was decked out with car tire planters — nasturtiums and tomatoes grew on stage. A strawberry bed was set up facing Wendy’s across the street from the school.