Re-Designing the IMC South Parking Lot

October 2006

This was a non-starter of a project during Fall 2006. At that time, the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center had just recently purchased the Urbana Post Office building, and there was some discussion of the Urbana Permaculture Project designing a plan for the landscape, starting with the parking lot.

Here’s the view of the parking lot, also known as “Cherry Alley” as you enter it from the west side.
It is: a pad of concrete.
Up on this rooftop might be a good spot for a sunporch.
The area around the entrance to the basement is a cluttered disorienting mess.
Here is a view of this place from the east.
A blank map of the parking lot. Print it out and draw designs upon the drawing, then we’ll post the results.
In this parking lot cars are invited to park on top of icons of people, with signs saying:
“Please Park your Prejudice before Entering the Independent Media Center!” Credit for this idea is due to Kim, Seung Yong who was a visiting student from Korea at the School for Designing a Society during Fall 2006.
In this version there are only two parking spots remaining. The main area of the parking lot has been turned into a collection of raised bed where plants are grown, crisscrossed by a few walkways that allow access to the building and utility meters.